Let's Get $LIT

The token that serves absolutely no purpose. Until it does. Hold for answers. Trust the process. And enjoy the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions.

🔥 What is $LIT? 🔥

Lit, as defined by the Urban Dictionary (which is the only dictionary we use), means: “When something is turned up or popping.” And turned up, according to Urban Dictionary, means to be overly excited or enthusiastic about something. Something, of course, being defined as “a word you have looked up on Urban Dictionary because you were bored.” This should clarify any questions you may have about $LIT. You’re bored. You want to get your wallet popping. And now you’re here.

💸 Was there a presale? 💸

Presale = you are exit liquidity. There is no presale. The launch will be announced in our Telegram group. We will be unable to give an exact time or contract address not because we want you glued to your phone, but because of our anti-bot measures in place. If you’re reading this after launch, visit the links above to see how it went. And then hop in the Telegram group to watch everyone celebrate when the number goes up and FUD when it goes down. It’s how it works. What we can tell you is that we are here for the long-term. And we hope you are too.

📝 What are the tokenomics of $LIT? 📝

There are 100 billion $LIT tokens. 50% for release on UniswapV3 at launch. And because there’s no fun without risk, in the spirit of Shiba, we have sent the other 50% of the supply to that great patron of the arts Cozomo de’ Medici.

😨 You…WHAT? 😨

Yeah, we did. After all, we’ve seen what happens when 40-50 percent of a token’s supply is sent to Vitalik Buterin. But we don’t know what will happen when that amount is sent to Cozomo de’ Medici. We only hope that if it is indeed Snoop Dogg, that $LIT lasts as long as his career has. And that he doesn’t spend it all on weed.

🤔 Wen Roadmap? 🤔

A roadmap is a promise that’s rarely delivered. $LIT is all about under-promising and over-delivering. After all, it’s those nights when you don’t want to go out, and expect nothing, when you have the best time.

🕵️ Delivering what? 🕵️

We discussed risk. The other component of fun is mystery. And what $LIT will deliver is a mystery. Get $LIT to find out.